At the Foot of the World

by Disposable

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"At the Foot of the World" is our debut album, released through Ouergh Records ( on 20th September 2014.

"Those who think that the new breed of thrash is just ripping off the old school will find At the Foot of the World refreshingly different." - All About the Rock Webzine

"At The Foot Of The World is Pretty damn good, especially for a debut album. The band has a flair for thrash metal, and plenty of fury to fuel their riffs!" - Chainmail Metal Reviews

"Here is a band full of talent and energy, who have displayed that they can thrash alongside some of Scotland’s more established metal acts any day of the week." - Boneyard Magazine


released August 9, 2014

Written and recorded by William Robertson, Andrew Anderson, Jack Batcharj and Liam Tucker.

Produced by Hamish Campbell, SoundSound Studio Edinburgh.
Mixed and Mastered by JM Recordings, Edinbrugh.
Album artwork by Ross D McKendrick.


all rights reserved



Disposable Edinburgh, UK

Metal from Edinburgh, Scotland.

William Robertson
Liam Tucker
Jack Batcharj
Oliver Wardell

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Track Name: Existence
I'm telling lies all the time,
How can I live like this?
Running mad in a circle,
Just trying to exist.
Same shit, every day,
No honesty in what I say,
I'm weak from the endless system,
Of existence.

Try to exist,
I die so I can live,
Try to exist,
I do to live.

Sinking in the sand,
To be what?
Sinking in the sand,
To be who I am.

Die to be who I am,
Try to breathe under sand.
Please help me from death,
I'm trying to exist.
Track Name: Addiction
No happiness ever gained,
No release to your inner pain,
Angering what you can't contain,
Poison straight to your helpless brain.
Try to drown out all your sorrow,
To release the pain,
You're just showing me,
You're too weak to take the strain.

Suffer in addiction,
So close to death.
Your minds destruction,
'Til there's nothing left.
As you walk into death,
And your life derails,
You'll regret everything
When the system fails.

False glint in your eye,
Is this how you want to live your life?
Life, life, life.
Your life.

Don't fucking lean on me,
Prove to me your strength.
Track Name: Void
For what would anyone
try to become void of themself?
The truth is silent
And unspoken,
Lying for wealth.

Spineless, Lifeless,
Trapped and silent,
Outcome always worthless,
Life will be void.
Your life will be void.

What you see isn't what lies beneath,
Behind the skin
are the secrets you keep.
Twisted you must be,
To disregard
What the eyes can see.

Spineless, Lifeless,
Trapped and silent,
Outcome always worthless,
Life will be void,
Will be void,
Your life will be void.

Spineless, lifeless, silent,
Outcome always worthless.
Spiness, lifeless, silent,
Outcome always void.
Track Name: Into the Water
With every bite into the flesh,
The vividness of death
reflects upon the very waters
that steal your breath...

Into the ground,
Lowered by who you conquered,
Took back his crown,
And with it who you trusted.

Now, the tables turn against you,
Down, into the water you are bound.

Into the water,
Every second brings it closer,
Into the water,
What awaits you brings you lower,
Into the water,
Slow descent is the torture,
Into the water,
Laughing as you drown.
Track Name: At the Foot of the World
At the foot of the world,
no one hears you scream.
Terror filled eyes open wide,
To atrocities that they have seen.
Abandoned by mother earth,
Your land is gone,
Falling off the edge of the world,
Into nothingness you have become.

Your eyes are accustomed to
visions of death,
Terror forms as you stand
upon the edge,
Staring into nothingness,
Your future is a single step.

Standing on the edge.

Standing on the edge,
Terror forming in your head,
Standing on the edge,
Your future is a single step,
Standing on the edge,
Staring into nothingness,
Standing on the edge,
Your future is to fall into the end.

Off the edge.
Track Name: Leave This Place
Take all beneath my feet,
And all within my hands,
The eyes from which I see,
The legs on which I stand
And steal it all away from me
In a single act of hate,
And close the walls around me,
Determining my fate.

Out of reach, taken, lost.
Out of sight, blinded, no.
Leave this place.

The walls close in,
Counting down the seconds
Before it all ends.
Insanity within,
Momentary lapse, forced back,
now my reign begins.
Leave this place,
Return the shattered pieces
into place.
Until it's all mine again,
I'll hold the world in my hands.
Track Name: Disposable
Obsession taking control,
my head in a whirlpool.
Spinning in and out of decision,
Rethinking everything I do.
Impulse leading me on,
Soon my mind is gone,
Slipping away, awaiting the day,
Like livestock.

Like livestock meet their end.

Obsession brings destruction,
Like livestock we are slaughtered.
For power we murder,
Hell on earths what we've become.
Track Name: Addiction (Reprise)
Track Name: Now It Ends
We have never been protected,
That's why the fucking worlds infected.
Poisoning the soil on which we tread
before we die.
Deaths the only exit to this hell,
Just a matter of breaking out the shell,
The apocalyptic fist has struck
because now it ends.

'Cause now it ends.

It all ends now,
The world will die,
Trapping all that it's made under
blood red sky.
Under blood red sky,
He fucking laughs,
Watching down as the
human race dies.

Say goodbye to the human race.

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